Presents Your Architect Friends will Love!

It's that time again to scramble for secret santa gifts for your friends and colleagues. Plan-ning a fun and quirky Christmas gift for an Architect, Urban Designer, Interior Designer, or Landscape Architect?

You've found the right section!

We've turned these iconic CAD symbols into wearable accessories that would look perfect on their monochromatic, solid color-block attire. Extra sophisticated!

Architectural Free Vector Symbol CAD Block Section Mark Scale Bar

Design and Materials

Designed by yours truly (who works in architecture!), these punny designs are sure to delight - or at least elicit a cheeky eyeroll. Not familiar with architectural CAD symbols? Even if you don't know what these are - trust me, your designer friends will!

These pins are struck in brass and electroplated with black nickel, then detailed with kiln-fired enamel colours and polished smooth. Well-designed and carefully-crafted, these pins look as classy as they are durable.

Spot Height Elevation Mark CAD Vector Symbol Block Enamel Pin

Elevate your style with a Spot Elevation Symbol stickpin.

Section Line Mark Vector Symbol CAD Illustrator SVG AutoCAD Chained Collar Pins

These 'Section Line Symbol' Chained Pins are something you CAD not miss out on.

North Arrow Enamel Pin CAD Block Vector AutoCAD Download Symbol Pack

Wear this, and there will be a 1 in 360 chance that this 'North Arrow' Enamel Pin will be pointing in the right direction.

Single Door Swing Plan Symbol AutoCAD Vector Enamel Pin

Door Swing Plan CAD Block Jamb Detail Free Vector Symbols

This 'Door Swing in Plan' Enamel Pin is simply a-door-able. Perfect for the knob in your life.

Tree Symbol Plan Vector AutoCAD Free Landscape CAD Block Microstation SVG

Branch out with your accessories! 'Default CAD Trees' Enamel Pin have never looked this good. Be-leaf me.

AutoCAD Architecture Symbol Pack Scale Bar Ramp Arrow Section Mark

Worlds Most Useless Scale Bar Novelty Architecture Gift Engineer Interior Designer

Not forgetting the "World's Most Useless" 1:42π Scale Bar. And if anyone dares to make noise about it, do call them out on their disgusting ratio discrimination. 

Section Mark Line CAD Symbol AutoCAD Pack Architectural Earrings Cufflinks Gifts

A Complete Gifting Experience

All pins come attached to excellently-designed thematic backing cards, complete with a nonsense A7 title block. Optional gift wrapping and hand-written gift notes are available too!

Architectural Symbol Secret Santa Gift Pack Architect Interior Designer Urban Planner Engineer Student

Flexible gifting options! Purchase singly or in discounted gift bundles.

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Check out the entire series of designs at The Pin Prick, and experience the true joy of having architecture pinned right up against your heart.

May your tracing paper always remain crisp, and title blocks never run out of space.


The Pin Prick