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Hello from The Pin Prick!

Based in London, The Pin Prick started as a way to turn my random ideas into a small creative, LGBT-focussed business. With 3 enamel pin designs and a handful of scavenged envelopes, I took a small stab (ha!) at starting an online shop - and The Pin Prick was born!

The encouraging reception of the first line of subtle LGBT+ rainbow pins allowed the shop to confidently grow - and a whole new range of stylish, discreet pride accessories was created. Not all pride accessories have to be gaudy and flashy, and I wanted to design a unique range of subtle pride accessories that were minimalist and quietly understated.

I would never have guessed that the shop would quickly grow to over 250 designs, and have over 70,000 pins sent all around the world! My designs have since been featured on Netflix's Sex Education (S3E3 - and part of a storyline!), cameoed on BBC Three, formed collaborations with organisations (from Meta to local schools!), and stocked internationally in museums and shops. Now the shop has expanded from Etsy and operates from its very own website!

I am so thankful for everyone who has shown so much love for my designs, and it's still such a thrill to walk to the post office each week to send your packages all over the world (come on Antarctica, you're the only continent left to hit!).

We sometimes forget that not everyone in the world is lucky enough to be able to safely showcase pride in an outwardly fashion, and I'm reminded of this any time you guys send me messages that support the subtlety in my designs. I am so humbled when I realise that every pin I send out is part of someone's story - perhaps of coming out, a parent's or an ally's show of support, or a confident (maybe even defiant!) display of pride. For my pins to become part of these stories is an honour I deeply treasure. You've sent me pictures of my pins at your weddings, alt-proms, pride parades, graduations - even as a TATTOO! - and I'm so happy that the designs are bringing you all a little bit of joy.

I can't wait to see what the future has in store (ha!) for us. 

Stay proud, stay true, and ROCK ON!

Zar - The Pin Prick!

Instagram: @pinprick.shop (-10% discount code in the bio!)
Facebook: @pinprick.shop
Etsy: ThePinPrick
Tumblr: pinprick-shop

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is your packaging discreet? 
Products are shipped in unmarked, plain padded envelopes, with a label stating the shipping name, address, and a return address.

If purchasing any of the LGBT pride accessories, there is NO mention of any LGBT content on the exterior of the package. Customs labels are filled with generic descriptions such as 'Metal Badges' or 'Fashion Accessories'.

Pride items are usually attached on backing cards featuring LGBT-themed artwork. If other people are likely to open the package, I will be happy to attach them to generic plain cards instead, if requested. Double-wrapping to further obscure the items can be requested. Just let me know any special instructions in the 'Order Notes' during the last page of checkout.

What are your estimated shipping times given the COVID-19 pandemic?
Due to COVID-19, fewer mail staff, international flights, and delivery slots are resulting in possible delays to mail. Please check with your local national post carriers for latest estimates.

Please note that the free shipping service is UNTRACKED, unless upgraded.

UK: 2-3 working days (including Saturdays), up to 5 working days if delayed.
Europe: 3-5 working days, up to 15 working days if delayed.
USA: 5-10 working days, up to 25 working days if delayed.
Australia: 5-10 working days, up to 30 working days if delayed.
Everywhere else: 5-15 working days, up to 25 working days if delayed.

Mail is now dispatched once (sometimes twice) a week, typically on Mondays (and either Thursday/Friday).Please send a message if you require an urgent next-day dispatch, which can still be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Do you offer options for tracked shipping?
Please note that the standard shipping service is UNTRACKED, unless upgraded.

Tracked shipping is available as a shipping upgrade during checkout, which will provide end-to-end tracking.

I think my package is lost/delayed. What can I do?
Within the UK, packages are officially considered lost after 20 working days from postage.

For all destinations out of the UK, packages are considered lost after 32 working days (now extended to 47 working days due to COVID-19).

If you think your package is lost, please get in contact and I can arrange for replacement packages.

My item arrived damaged. Can I be sent a replacement?
Yes. Please message me with a photograph of the damaged items, and I will make arrangements to have replacements sent to you.

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