The Androgyne Gender Identity

Androgyny is the combination of male and female characteristics into an ambiguous form, and an androgyne is a person who identifies with having an androgynous gender identity. Androgynes may also identify as being non-binary, genderqueer, or gender-neutral.

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What is the origin of the word 'androgyne'?

The prefix ‘andro-’ refers to men/masculinity (as in androgens, or male hormones), whereas ‘gyne-‘, or ‘gyneco-‘, refers to women/femininity (as in gynecology). How awesome that the word ‘androgyne’ itself is androgynous in its etymology!

Androgyn Pride Flag Colour Symbolism Meaning LGBT Queer

What do the colours of the Androgyne Flag symbolise?

The pink of the flag represents femininity, and the blue represents masculinity. The purple (the mix of pink and blue) that lies in the middle then represents the blending of femininity and masculinity. What awesome symbolism! 

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Check out these Androgyne Pride Flag enamel pins!