NEW Rainbow Shoelaces!

I wanted to improve on the fussy designs of many other pride shoelaces out there, and hoped to design a pair that had a clean, streamlined look. I ran with the idea, and have now created a series of shoelaces that feature a seamless gradient of pride colours that will run down the entire length of your shoe!

Rainbow Shoelaces LGBT Gay Pride Shoe Sneaker Converse

Rainbow Shoelaces High Tops Sneakers Trainers Gradient LGBT Gay Pride

Now you can turn any boring pair of shoes into a fun, colourful statement of pride and love!

These shoelaces are made from recycled PET plastic - the same material of soft drink bottles. Cool eh!

I’m so excited to finally bring this idea to life after so many design iterations and manufacturing troubles. It’s been a long 9 months since first starting on the idea! Whew!


I wanted to bring as much representation as possible, and I'm introducing the first set of laces in Rainbow, Bisexual, Lesbian (and Community Lesbian!), Pansexual, Trans, Non-binary, Genderqueer, Genderfluid, Asexual, and Aromantic pride colours! See them all here!

Bisexual Pride Shoelaces LGBT Pride

Orange Community Lesbian Pride Shoelaces LGBT Pride

Trans Pride Shoelaces Laces Gay LGBT Shoes Sneakers

LGBT Pride Shoelaces Gay Shoes Rainbow Sneakers

Check out all the Pride colours available here

Gold-Plated Shoelace Locks!

I’m also doing special EXTRA FANCY sets where these shoelaces are paired up with matching Pride Lace Locks. Instant style!

Rainbow Pride Shoelaces LGBT Sneaker Shoe Charm

Rainbow Shoelace Charms Gay Pride Shoes

Asexual Pride Shoelaces LGBT Sneakers Shoes

See the entire collection on my website here!