What is an Aro-Ace Identity?

An Aromantic Asexual (or aroace) person is someone who doesn’t experience both romantic and sexual attraction.

‘Aroace’ is a postmanteau of the words ‘aromantic’ and ‘ace’ (which is short for asexual). Not all asexuals are aromantic, and not all aromantics are asexual. But if they are a combination of both, these people may then choose to identify as being aroace.

Asexual Aromantic Pride Flags Asexuality Gray Ace Acespec Arospec Aro Enamel Pin

The Asexual Pride colours on the left, and the Aromantic Pride colours on the right. Check out these Asexual and Aromantic Pride Accessories here.

The Aroace Pride Flag

There is no consensus on an ‘official’ aroace pride flag, although up to 11 different designs have been proposed since 2016.

In line with the ideas behind most of these flag designs, these pins merge the purple Asexual Pride Flag with the green Aromantic Pride Flag in order to blend the two identifies into a unified symbol! 

Aroace Acearo Pride Flag Aromantic Asexual Enamel Pin Accessory Pin Prick LGBT

Aroace Rainbow Ace Aro Aromantic Enamel Pin Badge Sticker

Aroace Pride Enamel Pins by The Pin Prick