The New Blue Gay Pride Flag

The Gay Male Pride Flag is relatively new, but has been slowly growing in acceptance.

Some recognise that the Rainbow Flag could develop into a more all-encompassing symbol to represent all LGBT+ people, and that the new Gay Male Flag would provide a more specific symbol for the homosexual male/MLM (men-loving man) community, as a counterpart to the Lesbian Pride Flag.

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Does the Gay Male Flag replace the Rainbow Flag?

The new design would coexist with the Rainbow Flag, just as many other pride flags do.

Which flag a person chooses to find representation in is entirely a personal choice, but many also appreciate both flags and find meaning in their histories and intentions. 

What do the colours of the Gay Male Flag symbolise and represent?

The greens of the flag represent Community. The color green is also associated with nature, which is important because love between men has often been seen as unnatural by society and religion. Gay men have historically used green flowers and plants – such as green carnations and hyacinths – to symbolize their love, reinforcing their connection with nature. This color represents the importance of finding community and acceptance within nature, and the need to protect and preserve it.

The next color is teal, which represents Joy. This color is associated with happiness, playfulness, and creativity. Joy is an important aspect of the gay male experience and represents the freedom to be oneself without fear of judgment. This color also represents the joy that comes with discovering and exploring one’s sexuality and finding love and companionship with others.

The white stripe represents Trans, Non-binary, and GNC (Gender Non-Conforming) men. It’s important to remember that not all gay men fit into traditional gender roles, and some may identify as transgender, non-binary, or gender non-conforming. This stripe serves as a reminder that everyone within the LGBTQ+ community should be represented and included.

The light blue stripe is a nod towards the traditional use of baby-blue colours to represent boys, which then leads into the purple stripes to symbolise a shift from the stereotype.

The purple stripe represents Fortitude. This color represents the strength and courage it takes to exist in a world that often discriminates against gay men. This stripe represents the resilience and determination of the gay male community to stand up against hate and fight for equality and acceptance.

Finally, the indigo stripe represents Diversity. This color represents the vast array of presentations, relationships, and life experiences within the gay male community. This stripe emphasizes the need to celebrate and respect the unique experiences of all individuals within the community, regardless of whether they fit into traditional stereotypes or not. 

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