NEW Inclusive Rainbow Flag Pins!

I’ve expanded the Rainbow Rod pins to include designs based on the Inclusive Rainbow Flag and the LGBT Progress Pride Flag. The streamlined design of these pins have always been popular, and I’m really happy to bring more inclusive variations to the series!

Inclusive LGBT Rainbow Flag Lapel Pin Wedding Suit

Transgender Progress Rainbow Pride Flag Enamel Pin

Rainbow Flag Pride Accessories Wedding Business Formal Suit Cufflinks Tie Bar

Inclusive Rainbow Flag_LGBT Progress Pride Flag Enamel Pin Badge

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What is the Inclusive Rainbow Flag?

The Inclusive Rainbow pride flag was first introduced in 2017's Pride Month by the city of Philadelphia, adding a black and a brown stripe to the original 6-striped rainbow flag. The additional stripes were meant to represent queer people of colour, and bring attention to the marginalisation and discrimination towards these communities.

As the years have gone on, more and more acceptance has grown for the use of this flag design, being seen as a more inclusive evolution of the original flag.

New Inclusive Rainbow Flag Pin Badge

Inclusive Rainbow Pride Flag Pin Philadelphia Rainbow Flag Black Brown Stripe

The Inclusive Pride Flag Enamel Pin with black and brown stripes

What is the LGBT Progress Pride Flag?

The LGBT Progress Pride flag further adds the pink, white, and blue pride colours of the trans flag to highlight the trans and nonbinary community.

Introduced in June 2018 by Daniel Quasar, the flag redesign builds upon the 2017 Philadelphia Pride Flag to bring trans-inclusion into the rainbow flag.

The brown stripe continues to represent marginalised people of colour, with the black stripe additionally representing those that continue to live with, or have been lost to HIV/AIDS.

The right-pointing chevron is a symbolic representation of the forward movement and social progress, that still needs to be made.

LGBT Progress Pride Flag Trans Inclusive Gay Flag Pin

Trans Progress LGBT Rainbow Flag Enamel Pin

The Progress Pride Flag Enamel Pin