What is the A-spec Identity?

The Anattractional Spectrum, which is commonly abbreviated as a-spec or aspec, comprises a broad range of orientations that involve experiencing little or no attraction on one or more axes.

This encompasses a range of sexual and romantic identities that are characterized by a lack of sexual or romantic attraction, or a low or infrequent level of such attraction. 

The a-spec identity includes orientations such as asexual, aromantic, aplatonic, and various forms of tertiary attraction.

 The term "asexual" refers to individuals who do not experience sexual attraction or have a lack of sexual desire. The term "aromantic" refers to individuals who do not experience romantic attraction or have a lack of romantic desire. 

Although a-spec can sometimes refer solely to the asexual or aroace spectrum, the term "a-spec" encompasses all anattractional identities. It includes various other identities, such as demisexual, greysexual, demiromantic, greyromantic, and many others. These identities describe individuals who experience sexual or romantic attraction only in specific circumstances, to a limited degree, or infrequently. 

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What is the Meaning and Origin of the A-spec Flag?

The A-spec flag was designed in 2019 by Tumblr user The-Moon-Is-Aroace. The flag features a compass rose at the centre, which represents the diversity of ways that individuals experience (or do not experience) romantic and sexual attraction. The colours green and purple are positioned on opposite sides of the quadrant to signify that asexuality and aromanticism are distinct and separate identities. The black and grey quadrants link these two identities together, with black symbolising the aroace community, and grey representing grey communities. 


How Do I Celebrate Being A-spec? 

Celebrating being a-spec can mean different things to different people, as it is a personal and individual experience. However, here are some ideas that you may find helpful in celebrating and embracing your a-spec identity: 

  • Learn more about the a-spec identity:  Learn more about a-spec identities, experiences, and challenges. Reading articles, books, watching videos or listening to podcasts can increase your understanding and help you feel more comfortable with your identity.
  • Connect with other a-spec individuals:  oin online communities, attend a local a-spec meetup or conference, or connect with others on social media platforms. Meeting and talking to people who share similar experiences can be validating and empowering. 
  • Share your experiences with others: Sharing your experiences with others, whether it be through writing, art, or simply having conversations with friends and loved ones, can be a powerful way to celebrate your identity and raise awareness about your a-spec identity.
  • Celebrate your unique perspective: being a-spec can bring with it a unique perspective on interpersonal relationships. Embrace this perspective and celebrate the ways in which it makes you special and unique.
  • Practice self-care: taking care of yourself is an important part of any identity celebration. Consider doing things that make you feel good, such as spending time with loved ones, engaging in hobbies or activities you enjoy, or simply taking some time for yourself.

Remember, celebrating your a-spec identity is about embracing who you are and finding ways to be proud and confident in your identity. 

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