Abrosexuality: A sexual orientation that changes fluidly

An abrosexual person has a sexual orientation that is fluid, meaning that their sexual orientations constantly change over time. Although it is not unusual for people to experience some changes in their sexuality over a lifetime, an abrosexual’s sexuality is more fluid in comparison. These fluctuations may range from being unpredictable or more regular, and may also involve changing between any number of different sexualities.

For example, an abrosexual person may at one point feel homosexual, but then also fluctuate between asexuality and demisexuality as time progresses. It is important to remember that this is not due to the person being "undecided" or "experimental" with their sexual identity, but rather that their sexuality indeed changes over time.

"It's like being genderfluid, but with sexuality"

Many people do not realise that abrosexuality exists, and may find it confusing to understand. But if you consider that genderfluidity exists, it makes sense that something similar would exist for sexuality too!

"What happens if an abrosexual person dates someone, only to find that their attraction to their partner fades as their sexuality shifts?"

Valid question! When this question was asked on my Instagram post, some abrosexuals offered some insight. An important note is that abrosexuality deals with sexual attraction only, and not with romantic attraction, meaning that they may still experience a constant romantic attraction to their partners.

As and when sexual attraction to their partners fade, their relationships may enter a dynamic similar to those of asexual relationships (and we already know that asexual people can be in loving, fulfilling partnerships!). As always, communication with their dating partners is key to maintaining healthy relationships!

Different abrosexuals experience attraction differently, and not all abrosexuals might experience changes to the sexual attraction to their dating partners. For some, this might remain constant despite the attraction towards other people remaining fluid.

Abrosexuality vs Novosexuality

In close similarity to abrosexuality is novosexuality, which describes someone who cannot definitively say what their sexuality and/or gender is, because it is impermanent and constantly changing. Novosexuals can be described as a combination of being abrosexual and genderfluid. Super cool! 

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