How Do We Describe Non-Binary Attractions?

Where we use Lesbian/Sapphic for WLW (women loving women), and Gay/Achillean for MLM — what do we use for non-binary attractions? Can we call a nonbinary relationship gay or lesbian? 

In most cases, a relationship including a non-binary partner wouldn’t typically be referred to as “same-sex” — nor “heterosexual” either. Without the proper vocabulary, this can become quite the conundrum!

Here’s where these terms come in: 

Toric for NBLM, 

Trixic for NBLW, and 

Diamoric as an umbrella term for NBLX (where X can NB/M/W).

Diamoric Pride Flag Collar Pin Nonbinary Attraction

Diamoric Pride Flag Pin by The Pin Prick

The Meaning of Diamoric

Diamoric, alternatively known as adonian, adonic, cypric, or dionysian, serves as a comprehensive term encompassing the romantic or sexual attractions experienced by non-binary individuals

It specifically captures attractions that defy categorisation as “same gender” or “other gender,” as well as beyond the binary labels of “straight” or “gay.”

Etymology of "Diamoric"

"Diamoric", a term coined in 2016, is derived from the Greek prefix dia-, meaning “through, between, across, by”, and the Latin word amor, meaning “love”. 

It signifies a type of love that extends across, diverges from, or fully encompasses the gender spectrum

How beautiful!

Enamel pin featuring the Diamoric Pride Flag – pale green, white, and purple myrtle stripes, celebrating non-binary love

Diamoric Pride Flag Pin by The Pin Prick

The Symbolism and Meaning Behind The Diamoric Pride Flag

The pale green stripes on the flag symbolize non-binary individuals, while the white stripe is incorporated to align with the achillean and sapphic flags.

At the heart of the flag’s stripes, a purple myrtle serves as a nod to the Greek deities Aphrodite and Adonis, with some suggesting their connection as diamoric. In Ancient Greek beliefs, the myrtle held significance at the core of the worship dedicated to these two gods.

Diamoric Toric Trixic Nonbinary Attraction Flags

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