Celebrate Pride all year in 2023!

Looking for a comprehensive guide to key dates in the global LGBT+ calendar? Look no further! 

There are many notable international LGBT+ awareness periods to celebrate, observe, and remember. This list includes Days of Visibility, Pride Weeks, and Remembrance Days, so you can stay informed about all the events happening in 2023.

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All Month | LGBT+ History Month 2023 (UK)

29-25 Feb | Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week 2023 (The week after Valentine's Day) 



All Month | Bisexual Health Awareness Month 2023

1 Mar | Zero Discrimination Day 2023

1 Mar | International Transgender Day Of Visibility 2023



6 Apr | International Asexuality Day 2023

14 Apr | Day of Silence 2023 (The second Friday of April)

24 Apr - 30 Apr | Lesbian Visibility Week 2023

26 Apr | Lesbian Visibility Day 2023



17 May | International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia 2023

19 May | Agender Pride Day 2023

22 May | Harvey Milk Day 2023

24 May | Pansexual & Panromantic Visibility Day 2023 / Pansexual Awareness Day 2023  

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All Month | LGBT+ Pride Month 2023

12 Jun | Pulse Remembrance Day / Pulse Night of Remembrance

24 Jun | UpStairs Lounge Arson Attack Remembrance Day

28 Jun | Stonewall Riots Anniversary 



6 Jul | Omnisexual and Omniromantic Pride and Visibility Day 

10-16 Jul | Non-binary Awareness Week 2023 (The week surrounding 14th July, Sun-Sat)

14 Jul | International Non-Binary People's Day 2023

16 Jul | International Drag Day 2023 



13 Aug | Gay Uncle Day 2023 (Second Sunday in August)

25 Aug | Wear it Purple Day 2023 (Last Friday in August)   

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17-23 Sep | Bisexual Awareness Week 2023 / BiWeek 2023

23 Sep | Bisexual Visibility Day 2023 / Celebrate Bisexuality Day 2023



All Month | LGBT History Month 2023 (USA and Canada)

8 Oct | International Lesbian Day 2023

11 Oct | National Coming Out Day 2023

18 Oct | International Pronoun Day 2023 (The third Wednesday in October)

19 Oct | Spirit Day 2023 (The third Thursday in October)

26 Oct | Intersex Awareness Day 2023

22-28 Oct | Asexual Awareness Week 2023 (The last full week in October)



All Month | Trans Awareness Month

5 Nov | Trans Parent Day 2023 / Transgender Parent Day 2023 (The first Sunday in November)

8 Nov | Intersex Day Of Remembrance 2023 / Intersex Solidarity Day 2023

12-18 Nov | Trans Awareness Week 2023 / Transgender Awareness Week 2023

20 Nov | Transgender Day Of Remembrance 2023 



1 Dec | World AIDS Day 2023

8 Dec | Pansexual Pride Day 2023

10 Dec | Human Rights Day 2023 


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